Yumna Zaidi shares effective weight loss tips

Web Desk|May 01, 2021

Yumna Zaidi revealed what she eats to stay in shape

Yumna Zaidi shares effective weight loss tips

Pakistani actress, Yumna Zaidi appeared in an interview with a publication and revealed what diet plan she follows to stay fit and how she lost 10kgs in 2018.

The Pyaar Kay Sadqay actor told that she goes to US every year for six months and there she eats fried eggs, parathas and rice.

Whereas, when Zaidi is in Pakistan she drinks water with lemon in it after waking up and then she does a half an hour workout. She then eats five almonds and an apple for breakfast, for lunch she eats chicken and lentils. For dinner she eats kebabs and chicken tacos.

Moreover, Yumna also revealed that she drinks green tea three times a day.

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