Twitter praises Rabia Anum for reminding ‘daughters are Allahs gift

Web Desk|May 02, 2021

Rabia Anum-Obaid responded to a live caller who asked for a wazeefa that will guarantee the birth of a son

Twitter praises Rabia Anum for reminding ‘daughters are Allah’s gift’

Renowned news anchor and TV host Rabia Anum Obaid has been receiving all the praise on social media for voicing her response to anti-daughter sentiment, shared on Ramazan transmission this week.

Obaid, who is currently co-hosting Pakistan Television’s (PTV) Ramzan Transmission along with Ahsan Khan, recently gave a sweet response to a man who asked for a wazeefa that will guarantee the birth of a son.

The video of Obaid sharing her words, has been making rounds on the internet for all the right reasons, as her explanation is a good reminder for people that daughters are a gift from Allah.

The viral video is from the Sehri transmission, in which a caller, who have five daughters, asked for a wazeefa so that can guarantee the birth of a boy. After a religious scholar answered his question, Obaid added that having daughters is a blessing.

She further said that Allah blesses those with daughters whom is is happy with. Addressing the live caller, Obaid said that Allah is happy with you which is why you have so many daughters. She also quoted an example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who had four daughters.

Making her point more clear, Obaid, who herself is a mother a daughter, emphasized the example of cricketer Shahid Afridi. She said that apart from his cricketing career or welfare, she respects him most because of the love he showers on his daughters.

Her response was lauded by the netizens. Twitter users praised Obaid’s explanation for the anti-daughter sentiment. One person commenting how the anchor won her heart with the explanation she provided. Another tweeted in support of Anum saying, “Rabia Anum is the GOAT tbh!”

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