Celebs shower praises on kid shamed for wearing glasses

Web Desk|May 02, 2021

Musa was upset as he was being bullied in school for wearing glasses

Celebs shower praises on kid shamed for wearing glasses

The father of bullied kid took to Twitter and revealed that his son Musa is sad as he is being bullied in school for wearing glasses. Many Pakistani celebrities responded to the tweet with immense love and told Musa he looked great with glasses.

Musa’s father shared an adorable photo of him in glasses and tweeted, “This is my son Musa, from last few days he is very upset because some of his school mates said; you look worst in glasses, he’s hesitant to wear glasses anymore. I told him let’s ask the world Doesn’t he looks great in glasses too?”

Adnan Siddiqui posted his picture in glasses and wrote, “Specs are the cutest thing one can wear. They show that you are an avid reader, that you love books and also up your cool quotient. Hello #Musa MusaAliZeeshan, am a fan of ur glasses. You look so adorable in them. Wear ‘em to give me company too.”

Singer Meesha Shafi wrote, “I’ve never seen anyone look better in glasses than this! Musa, you tell em we wear glasses to see better who to avoid.”

Moreover, rapper Ali Gul Pir also shared his own snap in glasses and said, “You look great Musa! People with glasses are cool and extra handsome. Just look at me.”

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