Hira Mani held up at gunpoint in Karachi

Web Desk|May 02, 2021

Hira Mani got robbed by two men outside her house in Karachi

Hira Mani held up at gunpoint in Karachi

On Saturday, Pakistani actress, Hira Mani was robbed by two men at gunpoint outside her own house in Karachi.

The 32-year-old confirmed the news on Instagram and also shared CCTV footage with her followers. The video shows that the starlet was held up by two men on bikes at gunpoint in front of her sons. They took her costly belongings and her cell phone as well.

The thieves arrived just when Hira’s sons got off of the vehicle. She said her son Ibrahim became a distraction for the robbers.

The actress wrote on social media, “Dear mobile snatcher, I forgive you.”

Many celebrities from Pakistani entertainment industry have since been showing support and sharing sympathies with Hira.

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