Danyal Zafar on working with Mahira Khan: ‘She is phenomenal

Web Desk|May 04, 2021

Danyal Zafar talked about his experience of working with Mahira Khan in ‘Baarwan Khiladi’

'Danyal Zafar on working with Mahira Khan: ‘She is phenomenal

Singer-turned-actor, Danyal Zafar appeared in an interview with Independent Urdu and shared about his latest project Baarwan Khiladi, having a famous brother in entertainment industry and working with Mahira Khan.

While talking about Baarwan Khiladi, Zafar said, “This is Mahira Khan’s first production in which I play the role of a cricketer. The cast is mostly young boys, the younger lot. Shahveer, me, Khaqan, Zarrar, Mir, and a bunch of other boys, along with Kinza Hashmi. It is basically a story about cricket.”

He then praised the film’s co-producer Nina Kashif and Khan, he stated, “Nina and Mahira are both phenomenal.”

Danyal revealed how it was working with Khan, he shared, “She was incredibly passionate about the project. Whenever we would speak about the character or the story, we would have great back and forth discussions and rather in-depth conversations about the whys and hows of the story. She would sit and work on the script till the very last moment, constantly trying to make it better.”

He added, “Perhaps in 3 to 4 years when I have graduated out of the “boy zone”, then I would love to share the screen with her.”

Danyal said he prefers singing more than acting because as a singer he feels he can express himself more. He further talked about being Pakistani singer Ali Zafar’s brother and said, “Whatever I achieve, I want to achieve it on my own accord.”

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