Pakistani celebs support FM Qureshi after CNN reporter calls him ‘anti-Semitic’

Web Desk|May 23, 2021
Pakistani celebs support FM Qureshi after CNN reporter calls him ‘anti-Semitic’

The recent appearance of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on CNN has sparked a wave of online debate on the internet. The CNN’s Senior Global Affairs Analyst and anchorperson Bianna Golodryga labelled him “anti-Semitic” during the interview for sharing his opinion on the ongoing violence in Gaza.

Netizens, including government officials and prominent celebrities, have come out in his defense and have been justifying his statement as legitimate criticism of Israel.

Pakistani actor and writer Osman Khalid Butt took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the situation. He wrote, “Please stop using antisemitism as an excuse to silence voices of dissent and to absolve Israel of blame,” said Butt. “Yet another attempt to paint Israel and its zionist ideology as victims.”

Actress Yashma Gill also called out at the CNN anchorperson saying, “Accusing Israel of ‘controlling the media’ is no way an attack on the Jews or their religion.”

“It is a political statement from one person of influence to another,” tweeted Gill. “And Bianna Golodryga wasting an entire interview where she could have allowed CNN viewership to hear another side of political issues is an example of controlling the media by spinning a story.”

“If it is so simple for her to do it [spinning the story, then] why not Israel?” questioned Gill.

Omair Rana also tweeted in support of FM Qureshi. He wrote, “If calling Israeli Lobby’s influence on media is AntiSemitic then calling Black dominance in NBA is racist, Arab influence on Oil Cartel is Islamopobic, women dominance in nursing is sexist, the world’s current health & economic woes is anti Covid! CNN, really?!”

Earlier, actor Sheheryar Munawar also called out international media outlets for their “biased” coverage of Israeli atrocities against Palestine.

Government officials also supported FM Qureshi on his stance over Israeli atrocities in Palestine.

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