Pakistani celebrities demand justice for Sunita Masih

Web Desk|May 27, 2021
Pakistani celebrities demand justice for Sunita Masih

A 14-year-old Christian girl was allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped in Faisalabad. As per reports, the girl, identified as Sunita Masih was abducted and gang-raped by few Muslim men. She was allegedly asked to convert to Islam and when she refused, they shaved off her hair and tortured her sensitive body parts.

Responding on the horrendous incidents, several Pakistani celebrities have taken to social media and demanded justice for Sunita.

Addressing the incident on Twitter, veteran actor Adnan Siddiqui wrote, “Feeling sick to the stomach. With each new case, humanity plunges deeper and deeper into a dreary, dark pit.”

He questioned, “Why are we turning into morally depraved monsters? Abhorrent!”

Prominent Pakistan TV and film actress Armeena Rana Khan tweeted, “Sunita Masih, a Christian girl from Faisalabad, aged just 14 has allegedly been gang raped. She was asked to recite the Kalma. When she refused her hair was shaved off. So, lots of activism for the innocents elsewhere, great but how about raising our voices here too?”

Actor and famed TV host Faysal Qureshi expressed his anger on the incident. “Appalled. Speechless,” he wrote. “Assailants of such crimes should be granted the highest form of punishment so that they can be an example for all those who even think of committing such atrocious crimes,” he added.

TV actress and host Nadia Jamil took to her social media handle and said, “I urge all of us on media to protect the dignity of the child Sunita Masih by blurring her face. It will cause further trauma to her to be b exposed.”

“I plea to Imran Khan to ensure she is provided physical/mental health care immediately and to see that the perpetrators are arrested, punished,” she appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan .

In another tweet, Jamil, who has been quite vocal for child abuse cases in Pakistan, has requested PM Khan to look at the case of the 14-year-old. “She needs care 4 her physical wounds and mental health. She needs her face protected. She is too young to be exposed publicly by media. Perpetrators should be arrested immediately and punished as soon as possible,” wrote Jamil.

“Deleted my previous tweet, instead of sharing the victims picture,” tweeted comedian and host Shafaat Ali.

“This is just shameful and unbelievably inhumane. We cannot let minorities and CHILDREN suffer these atrocities for reasons which are incomprehensible. We need implementation of law and strict punishments so we can put an end to this nonsense once and for all,” wrote designer Hassan Sheheryar on Twitter.

Actress and model Ushna Shah also addressed the incident, while sharing Armeena Rana’s tweet on her Instagram stories, she said, “Apna girehbaann quite soiled.”

Actress Alizeh Shah also condemned the brutal act, saying, “I don’t know where these people are heading to by doing such sinful acts.”

“Rape culprits k law ka kya bana? Implementation ka kya hua,” questioned actress Maryam Nafees.

Many other social media users have also strongly condemned this brutal and inhumane treatment to the teenager and demanded immediate action from the government against the accused.

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