Bushra Ansari asks Jannat Mirza to behave and respect elders

Web Desk|June 09, 2021

Bushra Ansari asks Jannat Mirza to behave and respect elders

Recently, TikTok star Jannat Mirza received online criticism after she wore a crucifix pendant around her waist which did hurt sentiments of the Christian community. Even, veteran actor Bushra Ansari called her out for using the sacred symbol for her video.

Mirza responded to Ansari and said she can’t teach her anything about Islam as she herself works in showbiz industry.

Ansari replied to Mirza’s backlash and wrote, “Afsos! (Sad!) For everything going around us. I just saw the picture and instantly got emotional about the disgrace [caused] to minorities. Without seeing or knowing that it was Jannat Mirza's unintentional mistake and she had already apologized. I saw it late and just conveyed that Islam teaches us to respect other religions too. This was the point."

Ansari added, "But when I saw people's comment that she said sorry, I instantly deleted the post. So kids, behave yourselves. It was a confusion exactly like she did without realizing. I'm not teaching Islam. But we have to be human and respect humanity. Young kids are going to live and enjoy this life longer than us but you have to respect your elders even if they scold you for your mistakes.”

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