The media should not give attention to internet celebrities: Mani

Web Desk|June 11, 2021

The media should not give attention to internet celebrities: Mani

Host and comic actor, Salman Saqib Sheikh took to Instagram and shared his views about today’s content creators. He thinks the media gives a lot of attention to the internet celebrities which they don’t deserve.

Sheikh who is known as Mani recalled, “In the early 2000 when I joined the budding private tv channel industry, writers and hosts could only survive if they had good content, which they had to produce week after week. If it got stale the anchor would not get many more chances.”

He continued, “In this era era of the 10 minute attention span, vlog, tik tok, snack attack etc, content has disappeared and its ugly cousin *controversy* has taken over. For ten minute, or 2 minute or 30 second fame, *content creators* (pun intended with stress) don't create content they create controversy!”

He added, “Make fun of someone(mai bhe Kerta thaa Lakin smart content kay sath)blame, attack, put down someone to get noticed. Some put their own careers in jeopardy for that 30 seconds of fame.”

Mani concluded, “Should we now bury *intelligence, intellect, writing skill, wit, pens, paper, keyboards and laptops* and load our typing index fingers with 30 seconds of crap and shoot it from our mouths, from which the connection of the brain has been completely severed! Thanks to google translation. Mani-ism.”

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