Trans activists call out Iman Aly after her gender ‘insensitive comment

Web Desk|June 11, 2021

Trans activists call out Iman Aly after her gender ‘insensitive’ comment

Acclaimed Pakistani actress and model Iman Aly’s recent comment on her looks and body image have stirred up a hot controversial debate on the internet these days.

The actress has received from backlash from fans on social media over her comments about associating ugliness with word “khusra” or a transgender person went viral on the internet.

Recently, the Khuda Ke Liye famed actress appeared as a guest on a local TV channel talk show and opened up about the issues she had regarding her appearance. When the host, Vasay Chaudhry asked her about her body image and looks issues, she revealed that she didn't find herself beautiful or attractive despite people reinforcing that she was.

"I don't like the way I look," Aly confessed. "I don't like myself even more, especially because people say I'm so beautiful," she added, saying that she doesn't see what they see.

The Bol actress added that she has been hesitant to use social medial only because the way she looks. "Even in front of a camera, I feel I need a new one. Everywhere I point, I feel 'ew, khusra, ew, khusra'," she said, bursting into laughter.

"When I can't like my face, how can I take a picture and upload it?" she asked, adding that people should understand that she is neither bluffing nor lying, and this is exactly why she is hesitant to take selfies or update her social media accounts regularly.

In the response of her insensitive comments, the transgender activists in Pakistan had spoken out and said that being the top celebrity in the country, Aly has associated ugliness with being a trans person. They also called out her comments as degrading to their community, who have been working hard for decades to recognize transgenders as equal citizens of Pakistan.

Transgender activist and researcher Aisha Mughal took to her Twitter handle and condemned Ali’s comments by saying that celebrities need to think before saying anything on a public platform:

“The celebrities should act in a responsible way while giving interviews. ImanAli0 if you think you are ugly, fine, BUT do not relate ugliness with Khusra or Transgender persons. We are beautiful, strong, successful and productive citizen of Pakistan.”

Aradhiya Khan, who is a transgender activist and researcher from Karachi, had also taken to Twitter to point out that a famous model like Ali equating ugliness with being a transgender was playing into the negative stereotypes already associated with the community.

“How sad is this actually see such comment and statements from these so-called celebrities “You associating your ugliness and complexion with my gender identity and my community” Shame on you #ImanAli we’re the finest of them all educated, progressive.”

“We’re more developed since decades Our work n talent actually talk in it own unique way, my work trans are shown to me the people positive way their is, Unfortunately this woman maybe considered” conventionally beautiful” but her heart and mind is ugly,” she wrote.

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