Fahad Mustafa wins the internet after extending help to poor woman

Zainab Nasir|July 19, 2021
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Fahad Mustafa wins the internet after extending help to poor woman

Pakistani producer and actor Fahad Mustafa’s act of kindness and generosity won over the hearts of his fans and followers in a show.

Recently, a short video clip from a segment from the show Jeeto Pakistan, hosted by Fahad Mustafa, took rounds on social media.

Fahad was spotted extending help to a poor woman who was a part of his show.

The woman broke out in tears as she related what worried her. Fahad cheered the woman and offered her 4 motorbikes as prizes if she helped the contestants in the show guess what was in the game box.

However, the woman denied the offer and revealed that she was in need of money for her treatment.

On this request, Fahad asked the woman, “How much money is required for the treatment?’’

The lady responded, “I have no idea and that’s what the doctor will tell.”

To this Fahad replied, “I have the doctor and I take responsibility for your treatment.”

Fahad’s generous act was a source of inspiration for many.

The poor woman praised Fahad. Tears of happiness ran down her cheeks and Fahad said, “Allah has helped you so don’t cry. My show is not for crying do that in Nida Yasir’s Show in the morning.”

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