Asif Raza Mir touches upon need for improvement in media production: ‘Content should be of good quality’

Zainab Nasir|July 19, 2021
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Asif Raza Mir touches upon need for improvement in media production: ‘Content should be of good quality’

Veteran actor Asif Raza Mir voiced his opinion regarding the upgrading of Pakistani content in a recent interview.

According to Asif Raza the kind of content being produced in Pakistan is not of a good quality.

Asif’s long experience in the industry has made him critically analyse the content being produced and led him to the realization that change was required. His presence in the industry as an actor for decades and now a senior producer has enabled him to see the content being churned out.

In an interview with VCast Online, Asif Raza Mir said, “Our content is not being recognized internationally. It’s not because of the content, it is because of the quality of the content.’’

He added, “The period that I was in Geo for the first time, we started exporting our content to places like Barbados, Poland and Australia. Our content started going global, even to India for that matter. People loved our content but there was an issue of “quality.”

He continued, “When we don’t see competitors and don’t create comparisons, we’ll think our content is great but it is not. It is not great technically. It is beautiful as far as the concept is concerned, great performances, great direction but technically worthless. Our audio is useless. Our visuals are crap. Our editing is not worth talking about.”

Asif stated, “In today’s world, platforms such as Netflix have the highest standards of quality.”

Apart from stating the facts, Asif Raza Mir also revealed his personal journey as an actor in his youth, at the start of his career, and also detailed reasons as to why he decided to step into production and post-production.

The veteran actor has been a vital part of Pakistan’s showbiz industry.

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