Anoushey Ashraf gives Eid-ul-Adha sacrifice guidelines to fans

Web Desk|July 20, 2021
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Anoushey Ashraf gives Eid-ul-Adha sacrifice guidelines to fans

Anoushey Ashraf is listing the do's and don'ts this Eid-ul- Adha.

Taking to her Instagram, the VJ iterated fans some basic rules on sacrificing animals.

"A few things; Please make sure to remember it’s a ‘sacrifice’ NOT ‘slaughter’ and it takes place in the most humane way possible. Don’t make children run the blade on the animal, please. The qasai (butcher) should be a thorough professional, if the animal experiences discomfort, pain and severe distress you’re doing it wrong,” she shared.

"The knives should be so sharp that the animal shouldn’t feel any pain. Don’t sacrifice one animal in front of the other. It induces severe anxiety in them." Do not make videos and photos of the process. They’re not for the show, this occasion isn’t a show. Try and feel the pain of an innocent life lost." Anoushey continued, "Cry when they go, pray for their sacrifice and feel the pain of loss.

"Do not exhibit, compare and spend extravagant amounts of money to please Allah. He knows your need better than anyone. Be gentle with the animals, be kind. Love him. Clean up thoroughly after it’s done. Stop storing meat for yourselves, give and distribute the best of it first. Eat less meat through the rest of the year, please."

The VJ added, "Reflect on the meaning of sacrifice. Be humble about it. May Allah accept our sacrifices this year. The greatest nations are those that are kind to their animals. Many of them are our food, they fill our hungry bellies. They’re a big blessing. They provide nourishment to us. We have to respect them. We have to be thankful to them."

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