Azekah Daniel recalls being ‘hoodwinked’ in her past

Zainab Nasir|August 03, 2021
Azekah Daniel recalls being ‘hoodwinked’ in her past

Actress Azekah Daniel opened up on her past experience with a colleague and how she had been fleeced through emotional misrepresentation, in a show.

Azekah Daniel was invited to The Mazedaar Show hosted by Aadi and Faizan where she revealed things about her past in the game segment.

The Dunk star said, “I forget after giving money, people even lie and take money from me.”

“Once a crew member of a production team came to my house, he called me and asked for help that his son has open-heart surgery tomorrow and he is in dire need of money. The guy told me the amount needed for the treatment and said that I am standing in front of your house, I felt sympathetic and gave him the amount. The other day I came to know that He has left the job at the production house and went for his honeymoon in northern areas,” added Azekah recalling an unpleasant memory.

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