Making fun of someone and making a joke are different things: Arslan Naseer

Sakina Mehdi|September 14, 2021
Making fun of someone and making a joke are different things: Arslan Naseer

Arslan Naseer who made his acting debut in hit comedy series Chupke Chupke, appeared on a talk show and weighed in on his switch from being a YouTuber to becoming an actor.

While talking about the funny videos he made about celebrities, Naseer said, “Even the people I made videos on, they really enjoyed them. Mazaak uraane aur mazaak karne mein farq hota hai [Making fun of someone and making a joke are different things]. They could see that a line wasn’t being crossed. This is the kind of comedy we grew up with, watching Anwar Maqsood sahab and Moin Akhtar sahab. The comedy they did wouldn’t offend but it was also funny.”

He also stated that social media influencers have a responsibility, “You have a responsibility if you’re in an influential position. You call them social media influencers for a reason. If the youth follows you and you use foul language or promote negativity, then you need to understand that you’re sending a certain message to them.”

The actor shared that he never considered pursing career in acting prior to Chupke Chupke, “I had been working on YouTube for a while, so I would get offers from television every now and then. I wasn’t too interested, since I used to work in the corporate sector.”

He added, “I never thought I would work in the acting business. That’s also one of the reasons why I got into the field. I figured it’s a new experience. I was in my comfort zone on social media, so this was a learning experience. On social media, one person does the scriptwriting, shooting and editing. In television, there’s teamwork involved and you get to meet people like yourself.”

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