Ushna Shah called out for celebrating dog’s birthday

Zainab Nasir|September 16, 2021
Ushna Shah called out for celebrating dog’s birthday

Actress Ushna Shah celebrated her dog’s birthday which sparked criticism from Netizens.

Ushna Shah’s intense love for animals was showcased in her recent pictures which she shared on Instagram while celebrating her pet dog’s birthday.

The Parizaad actress took to IG to treat fans with glimpses from the bash.

Ushna owns two dogs, out of which Narco turned 7 today and she couldn't stop gushing with happiness over it.

The birthday bash was laced with an extravagant cake.

However, Netizens looked at the celebration critically and showered their objections over it.

Some lashed out at her for wasting money which instead could have been used to aid the poor who are suffering all around the globe.

Ushna has not come out with any reply regarding it.

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