Gohar Rasheed sounds off at Minar-e-Pakistan incident

Zainab Nasir|September 17, 2021

Gohar Rasheed lashes out at the Minar-e-Pakistan incident

Actor Gohar Rasheed voiced his thoughts on the Minar-e-Pakistan incident as he felt his responsibility as an actor having a forum to speak on in an interview.

Gohar is a well-known and esteemed actor of the industry and his views on many subjects are heard keenly. Being a celebrity with a voice, he felt that staying silent would be against human empathy.

In a Youtube interview with Momina’s Mix Plate, Gohar said, “Privilege or no privilege I don’t have any idea of it, but I think that if any person has just one follower and I can make just one person understand my point, then my work is been done. I don’t see my privilege from the point of view that everyone needs to understand my point. Many people won’t understand my point and I don’t expect them to understand. What happened at Minar-e-Pakistan and the reaction of people that I saw on it, right-wing and left-wing was made. People who are saying why she went there, why she went there alone, it was a meet and greet and she invited them all, whatever it was, this act doesn’t justify anything. Secondly, I don’t have much grip on religion, I was reading it somewhere, correct me if I am wrong, there is a verse that a woman should cover herself, I agree, but why no one talks about its continuation. No one talks about that men should lower their gazes. Why no one quote this.”

On the work front, audiences have often seen Gohar perform character roles such as in Digest Writer.

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