Ahsan Khan becomes goodwill ambassador of NCRC

Sakina Mehdi|September 18, 2021
Ahsan Khan becomes goodwill ambassador of NCRC

Actor Ahsan Khan took to Instagram and announced that he has been chosen as Pakistan’s goodwill ambassador of the National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC).

The Udaari actor announced, “I am proud to be part of the great #ncrc initiative. Protecting the rights of our children is protecting our future. Neglect, cruelty, unfairness, injustice, and abuse damage the minds and hearts of children destined to take over our nation, as they attain adulthood.”

He added, “It is profoundly irresponsible - and downright immoral - to leave the future in the hands of individuals whose souls have been damaged by the denial of love, respect, protection, education, dignity, and justice.”

He further added, “Denying children and their basic rights makes us bad Muslims, bad Pakistanis and bad human beings. We must protect the rights of our children for the sake of humanity if not for the sake of our future. I stand by the ‘National Commission on the Rights of Child’ as it works to ensure that every Pakistani child is afforded the right that he is entitled to. NCRC_Pakistan UNICEF_Pakistan unwomen_pak UNinPak UNODCPakistan NAofPakistan crmpakistan eu.pakistan haqooqepakistan tehseenafshan seemajaffer.”

Celebrities from the showbiz industry also praised Khan for his appointment as the ambassador.

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