Nausheen Shah takes subtle dig at Yasir Hussain: ‘I go to weddings uninvited’

Sakina Mehdi|September 19, 2021
'Nausheen Shah takes subtle dig at Yasir Hussain: ‘I go to weddings uninvited

During an appearance on web talk show, Pakistani actor Nausheen Shah addressed her feud with actor Yasir Hussain and expressed her views about celebrity fashion.

Shah said, “It feels good [when people judge you on your clothes] sometimes and bad at other times. The issue is when your work starts getting neglected because of it. Our identity [as actors] is through our work, not through the clothes we wear.”

While said she doesn’t have any competition in the industry, “I genuinely feel like everyone has their own choice and everyone wears good clothes, but there is no competition.”

Moreover, the host mentioned about weddings and he asked the actress if she has ever crashed a wedding, to which she responded, “Yes, I enjoy going to them a lot. In fact, I end up going uninvited.”

It seems like Shah was addressing controversy with Yasir Hussain because in February, during an interview the latter claimed that Shah came to his wedding without being invited.

He had said, “Our wedding card was on social media, so technically, everyone had it. One of the famous personalities that attended the event 'forcefully' was Nausheen Shah."

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