Mani is exactly like my father, fulfills all my wishes: Hira Mani

Sakina Mehdi|September 24, 2021
Mani is exactly like my father, fulfills all my wishes: Hira Mani

Recently, Pakistani actor Hira Mani’s father passed away. Her husband Salman Saqib Sheikh aka Mani shared the heartbreaking news with the fans on his social media platform.

The Meray Paas Tum Ho actor later took to Instagram and shared her late father’s post on his Facebook with the fans, it read, “Death is the gateway to a new life, so be careful. Don’t do anything bad to others and secure your new life after death.”

Now the actor has posted a short video clip from a previous interview in which she talked about the similarities she sees between husband Mani and her dad.

The Do Bol actor had stated, “I love my father very much. He's a lovely person, he's someone who has always cheered for me. When everyone in the family criticized me, said I'll get to know things better when I'll get married, when I'll have a husband. He was the only person who really encouraged me to do whatever I willed."

She added, "My father would take me shopping, let me buy whatever I wanted. We didn't even have a lot of money but he made sure I would get whatever I had wished for. Mani is exactly like my father. He, like my father, would drag me to shops and fulfill all my wishes."

Hira further talked about the time when she visited Turkey with Mani, she said, “When we were in Istanbul, he would do the same as my father used to. That's when I realized that he [Mani] is exactly like my dad. Every girl dreams that her husband is her father's reflection. And I have that. That's why I love Mani so much."

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