Shamoon Ismail releases new album ‘Scars and Screws’

Sakina Mehdi|September 25, 2021
'Shamoon Ismail releases new album ‘Scars and Screws

On Friday, Pakistani Singer Shamoon Ismail treated his fans with new album titled Scars and Screws. The album features other singers as well including Talha Anjum, Annural, Talhah Yunus and Hasan Raheem.

The 12- track album is already getting rave reviews from fans and people are saying a song calledFaasla which features Raheem is worthy of binge-listening all day.

One fan commented on Ismail’s music video on YouTube, he wrote, “I have told everyone I am busy today, don't disturb me. I have a day long therapy session.”

Another fan tweeted, “Hasan Raheem and Shamoon Ismail on a track together, I'm going to cry.”

One more user wrote, “You cannot 'not move' while listening to this track. Such a vibe!"

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