Nadia Hussain sheds light on controversy with Nabila: ‘I was horrified’

Sakina Mehdi|October 08, 2021
'Nadia Hussain sheds light on controversy with Nabila: ‘I was horrified

During an interview with Momina Sibtain on her YouTube channel, Pakistani model Nadia Hussain talked about her online feud with makeup guru Nabila.

In May, the TV actor posted screenshot of personal chat with Nabila on Instagram, the former said she was surprised by the makeup artist’s reaction to her makeup palette.

According to Nabila, Hussain’s product seemed similar to her ZERO makeup which she launched in 2015.

While talking about her spat with Nabila, the Jalan actor said, “I was horrified at what had happened. I mean why [show] this kind of attitude? I wrote back to Nabila saying you don't have the copyright for this product and you are a brand of your own so there is no need to be insecure. She read my message and blocked me on WhatsApp. Then she blocked me on her Instagram as well. The next day I posted about this whole incident."

The fashion designer revealed she chose to go public about her dispute because she got “ticked off”. Moreover, she stated, “There is no way I will allow anyone to trample on my feelings and my achievements. Why should I? I really didn't care who she was. If someone is going to behave in such an untoward way with me, and if I have an issue with that, especially somebody who's well known, I will take them to task."

The host asked the supermodel if it was necessary to share chats on social media platforms, to which she responded, “Why would you behave like that with me in the first place? Especially when you block me. There is no further communication there. I had messaged and replied back to her. She could have written back to me. She blocked me all on social media. That meant she had a vindictive attitude.”

Hussain added, "In today's day and age, we should be very careful about what we are saying, unless it is said to someone very close to you. We were more colleagues. Yes, there has to be a line drawn, but if I do not know you that well then I should not send you such a vindictive message.”

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