Usman Mukhtar reveals injuries on his hand during shoot of drama ‘HKKST'

Bakhtawar Ahmed|October 12, 2021
Usman Mukhtar reveals injuries on his hand during shoot of drama ‘HKKST'

Actor and model Usman Mukhtar is the new emerging face of Pakistan’s showbiz industry. The actor is receiving positive reviews and popularity for his current drama serial Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay.

While the Mahira Khan and Kubra Khan-starrer serial has become the latest talk of the town, the Anaa famed actor has revealed that he got himself injured during the filming of drama HKKST.

The Sabaat actor shared the anecdote in his latest social media post and revealed how he hurt himself badly during the shoot of one of the scene from the current drama.

Taking to this Instagram, Mukhtar, 36, shared a picture of his bruised hand and gave his fans and followers some advice, saying, “Friendly advice: don’t punch walls, wardrobes or any other hard objects in anger. #HKKST. #Aswad”

In of the scenes from the latest episode of the drama, which went on air last weekend, Aswad (played by Mukhtar) punches the wardrobe.

Earlier, in an interview with BBC Urdu, Mukhtar shared that he initially refused to play Aswad’s role in the drama serial. Speaking about his latest role, he commented, "I found Aswad's character very negative and I wasn't really on board with a lot that was expected of me. So I said I'm not comfortable doing it all, so replace me."

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