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Goher Mumtaz talks about venturing into production: ‘it’s not easy’

By Sakina Mehdi|October 15, 2021
جنگ نیوز
'Goher Mumtaz talks about venturing into production: ‘it’s not easy

Pakistani singer, Goher Mumtaz made an appearance on a local TV show and shared details about his first experience in production.

The actor is currently busy in production of a film, which is set to star Hareem Farooq and Kubra Khan. He said, “If you have a good team, things become a lot easier. This was my first experience in terms of production, and it isn’t easy. I would often ask Hareem how she produced films, to which she responded by saying that the energy at the beginning of filming and at the end is very different.”

He continued, “Towards the end, the energy starts going down, so it’s the job of the producer to up the morale of the team and try to get things done. She told me I’d manage, but I just want to wrap it up now. It’s about 85% done now.”

Mumtaz talked about his career shifts, from being a singer to becoming an actor and now filmmaking, he stated, “I was really new to acting and I really wasn’t very interested in it. I was told I could act in a drama on Hum TV and also add my songs to it. Tanhai was a drama with Sohai and Ayesha Omar.”

He explained, “I had no understanding of acting. I still don’t know much, but at the time I was completely blank. They just stood me in front of the camera and I just started. After I did two to three dramas, I felt like I understood acting. Then I did two more, which were somewhat different, like Ghayal, where I played a bipolar character, I realised I still had a lot to learn. I still feel like I’m still learning. Even senior actors like Nadeem Sahab and Qavi Sahab, if you look up their interviews, they always say they are still learning. They are so humble.”

He recalled, “When I started music, neither Atif nor I had any planning. We were studying together and we never had fame on our minds. At the time, we’d just keep at it. Then our songs and albums became hits and we understood that we had to take things more seriously. I still think the same way. I don’t sign on to any plays because I feel the need to be popular or famous.”

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