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Aima Baig shares rare update about upcoming singles

By Sakina Mehdi|October 22, 2021
جنگ نیوز
Aima Baig shares rare update about upcoming singles

Celebrity couple Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri made an appearance on a local TV show and discussed about future plans and career trajectories.

The producer shared that he always wanted to pursue acting, he said, “I wasn’t in the mainstream industry. I had started in 2011 as a filmmaker. I started by making music videos and short films. Then, around two years ago, I started acting. I also produced alongside that. So it’s been two years now that I have officially been a part of the industry.”

Shigri added, “I wanted to be an actor ever since I was a child. I’d stand in front of the mirror and act. But, I started off behind the camera. That was followed by people telling me to be in front of the camera as well.”

He elaborated, “Acting seems easy, but it really isn’t. You have to stay in a certain emotional and mental state. In filmmaking and camera work, it’s more hands-on. With acting, it’s all psychological and emotional.”

The singer told how she and Shahbaz met, “I was doing Balma Bhagora for Parey Hut Love and I think [Shahbaz] was the producer there. Then we clicked and vibed. I don’t hang out with people a lot and rarely make new friends.”

While talking about her engagement, the 26-year-old stated, “We had decided not to make it a stunt. We wanted to keep it personal because it is something very personal. But, I felt really good when I uploaded pictures and I got all these comments about how cute we looked. I figured I should share more of my life with [my fans] and it turned out great.”

Baig revealed that she is working on her upcoming tracks with Shigri, “I have two singles coming up, and Shahbaz is directing them. I am super excited about these tracks. I have written them myself for the first time. When quarantine started, I took a year, I wrote the songs in Ramzan. I showed them to Shiraz Uppal and he helped me, because you always need a producer.” 

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