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Here's Why Shaan Shahid refused big Bollywood offer

By Zainab Nasir|January 07, 2022
Shaan Shahid refuses big Bollywood offers: Read More to know

Renowned Pakistani star Shaan Shahid said ‘No’ when he was offered a role in the Bollywood film Ghajini and this bold act left the public amazed.

At first, Shaan was confused but later declined bagging a role after hearing the script of the film. 

In an interview with G Sarkar, the Khuda Kay Liye star revealed, “I did not understand why they offered him a role. It could be performed by any actor out there as India has a lot of talent.”

“Secondly it was a role of a Villain, a negative character possessing inhumane characteristics who even sells body parts of the children. I am loved by Pakistanis a lot and they would not have liked me acting a s a villain so hence I refused” added Shaan.

By signing off the superstar stated, ”After rejecting the role I had to face a lot of difficulties which literally shook me.”

Shaan had been staunch in his refusal to essay the role of such an inhumane villain. 

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