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Pakistani superstars grieve gut-wrenching Murree incident

By Zainab Nasir|January 09, 2022
Pakistani superstars heart-broken over gut-wrenching Murree incident, express sadness
Pakistani superstars grieve gut-wrenching Murree incident

Famed Pakistani artists came forward to express their grief and sadness over the horrifying Murree incident that led to 23 casualties this Saturday.

The start of 2022 was filled with intense grief as 23 people froze to death in cars stranded in a snowstorm this week.

Many lost their loved ones in a tragedy never to be forgotten.

As the whole country is mourning the demise of the poor souls, innumerable superstars from the showbiz industry also exchanged heartfelt condolences and requested everyone to pray for the departed and those alive and shower blessings upon them.

Around 1000 cars were snowed in and some are still stuck inside facing adverse conditions.

Rescue operations are going on with the army and the Federal police deployed at the service of those stranded.

Unprecedented snowfall and a huge rush of people has caused a lot of chaos.

For the unversed, the public proceeded to Murree without checking out weather conditions.

The Janaan starlet, Armeena Rana Khan tweeted, “Where is the cold weather risk plan to mitigate such risk? This includes regulating traffic and “prepping” infrastructure to receive snowfall with adequate weather warning systems in place. My heart breaks for the families who have lost their loved ones needlessly.”

On the other hand, Faysal Quraishi had been quite shaken and penned a note on twitter that read, “Please pray for departed souls …Receiving sad and disturbing videos of Muree and Galyat. Around 20 people (local tourists) including women and children have died due to extreme weather conditions. Aur jo wahan hain ALLAH pak madad farmaye aur apni amaan mey rakhay ameen.” 

Other icons also penned in their condolences on social media. 

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