"Men like Feroze Khan to be condemned," says Zara Noor Abbas

Zara No
"Men like Feroze Khan to be condemned" says Zara Noor Abbas

Actress Zara Noor Abbas makes her stance as clear as day over Feroze Khan's violence against ex-wife. 

In light of the claims of domestic abuse made by Aliza Sultan, and the evidence submitted in court many from the entertainment fraternity have been calling for a ban on the actor, in turn showing all the solidarity towards the wife.

Taking to Instagram stories, the Khamoshi star asserted, "Men like Feroze Khan, who think that they are the chosen ones, [who think] they can do anything in the name of Allah and power, need to be condemned to [expose] their true place in the world and not the righteous character they portray." 

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Addressing the wife's situation, Zara said, "My heart goes out to Alizeh and her kids for suffering through this and trying to make the marriage work. I extend my support to her and all the women who speak up against domestic [violence] and mental [torture]." 

Aliza and Khan's divorce case has spread like wildfire.