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An ode to Mahira Khan's 38th birthday

By Zainab Nasir|December 21, 2022
An ode to Mahira Khan's 38th birthday

Celebrating Mahira Khan's birthday, here's a  lowdown on some of the best quotes from the Humsafar star. 

From her debut on the big screens with Shoaib Mansoor's directorial Bol to her first appearance in Bollywood with none other than Shah Rukh Khan for Raees, Khan has established herself as an unforgettable face in the Pakistani entertainment industry and beyond.

1)  "Through life's ups and downs, the few mistakes we make and all the successes that we get, let nobody – nobody's opinion – define who you are."

It was back in 2017 that the Verna actress  became the first celebrity from Pakistan to be the spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris. Joining the likes of Bollywood divas including Aishwariya Rai and Deepika Padukone, Khan made an appearance on the PLBW runway and let everyone know that it's only human to make mistakes.

2) "My first priority is my child. It's a lot of hard work, but it can be done. It's all about choices. Many times, I have to let go of good work. Fortunately, the work I've done has worked for me."

In a chat with The Quint, Khan was asked about her struggles as a single mommy while maintaining a successful acting career. 

To this, the diva noted she is a mother before an actress and that her son will always be her first priority. 

3) "Tonight I realise how powerful artists are, not those in power. We are. Why else do we get banned? Why else do our films pose a threat to them? In this game of power – we will always win."

Explaining this, Verna helmed by Shoaib Mansoor, was rumored to be banned by the Pakistani Censor Board before its release in November of the same year. Responding to the news, Khan took to Twitter to point out the power artists hold.

4)“My personal life is nobody's business, You can write about it, talk about it, do whatever you want about it. But I'm never going to talk about it because it's mine. The day I wish to speak about it, I will."

5)"Live in the now. Look around. See what you have. And take a long deep breath. Forget the past or the future. At this moment alone, you're alive. And it's a blessing! Practice this as much as you can. Lots of love always."

Khan advised her fans with a heartfelt note about living in the moment and letting the bygones be bygones.

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