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Mahira Khan wants an honest person to lead Pakistan

By Zainab Nasir|March 21, 2023
Mahira Khan wants an honest person to lead Pakistan
Mahira Khan reveals her take on politics 

Superstar Mahira Khan and host Anwar Maqsood had witty exchanges on politics at the Arts council of Pakistan. 

The Legends of Maula Jatt actress looked quite excited for the evening where she discussed politics and the importance of financial independence for women. 

During the heart-to-heart talk, Anwar took the chance to ask the diva about her political affiliations. 

She said,  "I'm with Pathaan."

Further stressing over the need for an honest leader in Pakistan, Khan revealed, "Honesty is in scarcity in the present times. Honesty is important in work, and relationships, and at this point, I would love to see someone elected who is honest, no matter the political party."

Hearing Khan's statement, the popular screenwriter gave his stance, "See, Quaid e-Azam was also an honest man but passed away within a year of his regime. Imran is also honest and has been alive for the past three years, and is still thriving. Just the way a single fish can pollute the entire river, the same way an honest man can change the nation. It takes more than one man to change the whole system."

"Everyone wants to go abroad, wants their children to study abroad and even get their treatments from foreign countries; we know all this can't be done honestly. Let's forget about dishonesty, that's present in flourishing nations too, it's not just about honest leaders."

Switching the hot seat, Khan then asked Anwar what he would do if he became the leader of Pakistan. 

He remarked, "I will free them. There are 23 million people in Pakistan, if this nation becomes Riyasat-i-Madina then 19 million would have their hands amputated. If this country becomes the old Riyasat-i-Madina, then we're doomed, and if we become a newer version of it, then a plague will be upon us."

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