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Dramatic beats
There was a time when Pakistani dramas were known for their strong scripts and powerful acting while the background score was just complementary. But, now the soundtracks have become an important part of drama serials. This week Instep brings you some of the best soundtracks from recent Pakistani drama serials.
'Kaisa Yeh Junoon' – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Kaisa Yeh Junoon OST
Directed by Raana Sheikh and written by Haseena Moin, Kaisa Yeh Junoon has been on air since July. The serial is based on the by now everyday subject of terrorism. It is one of the few drama serials that released a soundtrack - and became an instant hit.
The music is composed by Waqar Ali, who is credited with nearly every other television serial in Pakistan, and is beautifully sung by the much acclaimed Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. There is no question about Rahat's talent when it comes to singing. 'Kaisa Yeh Junoon' is a very melodious track with the lyrics that go well with the theme of the serial. As the serial's main lead, played by Azfar Rehman, is a confused guy who is talked into extremist jihad because his religious roots are not so firm, the song truly captures his perplexed emotions. 'Kahi daira bana hai/ Kahi aakhri sira hai/ Mahi bol bol haari/ Koi hai jo sunn rahaa hai/ Yeh koi jane na/ Keh dil manay na/ Bikhar jaye na/ Kaisa ye junoon, kahi mile na sukhoon, dekho kahi bhi qaraar aye na.'
And of course with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan behind the microphone, the song just gets better.
'Ambi Heath Mehrman'
– Naseebo Lal and Zafar Ali Khan
Rani OST
Rani didn't just bring Angeline Malik back to the director's seat after Lahasil but also brought in Shahi to a drama serial's soundtrack. Rani's claim to fame will definitely be its soundtrack, infused with Saraiki folk, as Rani is based in a rural setting.. Though there are three songs in the serial that are definitely worth downloading, but 'Ambi Haeth Mehrman' is our choice for this week. Naseebo Lal and Ustad Zafar Ali Khan, whom Shahi terms as his guru, have sung the song. Zafar Ali Khan is a trained classical singer from the Gawalior gharana and has also sung another track for the serial, 'Dil Tangay'. On the other hand, Naseebo Lal is a household, even for those who have little knowledge of Pakistani music.
With these singers, 'Ambi Heath Mehrman' gets its due share of powerful vocals and expressive arrangements. The song transports you into the life of a rural woman who struggles to make her way in a male dominated society. Whatever the story is behind the song, one can't help but admire Shahi's work and hope that he brings more of such melodies to our iPods.

'Payal' – Jal
Doraha OST
'Payal' was released in 2007 before Jal launched their album Boondh - A Drop of Jal. The song was released on the Internet and was well received. But without a video, the song faded away with time. Now two years after its release, 'Payal' features on the soundtrack of Doraha, a play by Mehreen Jabbar and written by Umera Ahmed.
The play wasn't accompanied with the usual star studded launch, but because of Mehreen Jabbar's direction and a cast that includes Humayun Saeed, Sonia Rehman, Adnan Siddiqi, Badar Khalil and Sanam Baloch, it has become very popular. It's a family drama based on the problems of a rich and educated woman who marries into a lower middle class out of love.
It seems that the subject chosen for Doraha has been touched upon a lot of times in the past but the way it has been rendered in the play instills life in it. 'Payal', on the other hand, is one of the biggest highlights of the play and is becoming rather popular. After all, who can ignore its beautiful lyrics emoting heartaches with the use of phrases like 'Kaanch ke the sare vaade/ Rishtey ya kachche the dhaage/ Dil ke taaron ko chhed kar/ Tum kahaan chal diye…'
'Sherdil' – Ali Noor
Sherdil OST
Pakistani plays that focus on life in the Armed Forces are always a hit. From Sunehre Din to Alpha Bravo Charlie, these plays have an allure of their own. Sherdil, yet another play, was based on the Pakistan Air Force with Aijaz Aslam, Shahood Alvi and Juggan Kazim in the main lead.
Directed by Haseeb Hasan and written by Amjad Islam Amjad, Sherdil's soundtrack was done by Waqar Ali. He roped in the talented and the very enthusiastic Ali Noor for the vocals and guess what… the combination proved to be a firestarter. Of course, when you have a song based on men in uniform it has to be energetic, which 'Sherdil' is as well. The song is also rather addictive - and its patriotic lyrics can turn 'Sherdil' into yet another nationalistic anthem. 'Shaheen ki parvaz hai/ Mat rokna toofan na kabhi tham sakay/ Dil kahay mil kar hum awaz/ Duniya duniya/ Apna jeena/ Pak watan pe/ Apna marna/ Asmaanon ko choo ke ana hai/ Kamyabi ko paas lana hai/ Sherdil… Sherdil'.
– Fatima Zakir