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2005 at a glance


Compiled by Shabbir Khan

January 1: Indian authorities announce that municipal elections, the first in 25 years, will be held in Occupied Kashmir in February.

Jan 2: Islamabad, Delhi swap list of N-facilities.

Jan 2: Opposition holds rallies to observe 'black day'- Protest against president's two offices.

Jan 3: 268 Indian fishermen released.

Jan 3: Ex-MNA Syed Manzoor Hussain Shah, three aides shot dead.

Jan 3: Two Turk Al Qaeda suspects extradited.

Jan 4: Miss Peru Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia is crowned Miss World 2004.

Jan 5: Deadlock in Delhi talks on Baglihar.

Jan 5: Border clash leaves 15 Afghans dead in 'unprovoked firing'.

Jan 5: Karo-kari law signed by the President Musharraf.

Jan 5: After months of pressure from the IAEA, Iran finally agrees to give UN inspectors access to the Parchin Military Complex.

Jan 6: Makgatho Mandela, the only surviving son of former South African president Nelson Mandela, dies of Aids in Johannesburg.

Jan 6: Cabinet committee on passport formed- Issue of religion column.

Jan 6: Mujahideen commander shot dead by Indian troops.

Jan 7: Baglihar talks collapse: Reservations not addressed: Pakistan.

Jan 8: Pakistan to go for neutral experts- Baglihar dam issue.

Jan 8: Sui gas pipeline blown up.

Jan 9: Japan to resume $500m assistance.

Jan 9: 11 killed in Gilgit violence.

Jan 9: PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas wins the Palestinian presidential election.

Jan 10: Sui rocked by heavy gunbattle.

Jan 10: Deletion of sect column in all forms proposed.

Jan 11: Govt orders judicial probe into lady doctor's assault case.

Jan 11: Gas supply to industries in NWFP stopped.

Jan 12: FC takes over Sui gas plant- supply across country partially shut: four killed in gun battles- Karachi to remain unaffected.

Jan 12: KSE index sets record.

Jan 13: 12 Wapda men kidnapped.

Jan 13: Top human trafficking suspect arrested.

Jan 14: US law makers oppose sale of F-16 jets.

Jan 14: Religious scholar Agha Rizvi succumbs to injuries-Curfew in Skardu.

Jan 17: After suffering a series of strokes, China's purged Communist Party leader Zhao Ziyang dies.

Jan 18: Man involved in failed attack on Musharraf held in Swat.

Jan 18: Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger plane, is unveiled

Jan 19: Islamabad takes dam dispute to WB

Jan 19: 3 brothers held for attack on Aziz.

Jan 22: Police find former Bollywood screen siren Parveen Babi dead in her Mumbai apartment.

Jan 24: New Bush policy not to affect ties with Pakistan.

Jan 24: Militants kill tribal peace committee leader in Waziristan.

Jan 24: Gas supply restored.

Jan 24: Mehbooba Mufti, president of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) and daughter of Occupied Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed, escapes attempt on her life.

Jan 26: New opposition alliance formed.

Jan 26: Al Qaeda suspect handed over to US.

Jan 26: India about to finish tunnel to divert Neelum waters-Indus treaty violations.

Jan 26: Nawaz, Qazi agree to launch joint anti-govt drive.

Jan 27: Five member body to redefine Nepra's rate.

Jan 28: Underworld don Shoaib dies of heart attack in jail.

Jan 29: Three held in Sui gang rape case.

Jan 29: SBP bans car premium financing.

Jan 29: 17 Afghans held in Quetta.

Jan 29: Kidnapped judges freed.

Jan 30: Pakistan arrests 43 Indian fishermen.

Jan 30: Over 60 per cent of Iraq's voting public braves threats of terrorist attacks to cast ballots at 5,500 polling centres throughout the country.

Jan 31: Religious leader Maulana Mohammad Haroon Qasmi shot dead in Karachi.

Feb 1: Balochistan proposals accepted by president: Constitutional amendments may be needed: Shujaat.

Feb 1: Mehsuds draw up peace accord.

Feb 2: Waziristan draft accord approved.

Feb 2: Benazir moves SHC against EC decision.

Feb 4: KSE crosses 7000 mark.

Feb 4: Suspect in Agha Zia's murder case held.

Feb 4: Pakistan not absolved of Libya N-links: report.

Feb 5: Gas, CNG prices raised- Domestic consumers of up to 100m BTU exempted.

Feb 5: KESC sold to Saudi group 'Kanooz-al-Watan'.

Feb 5: Al Qaeda suspect held.

Feb 7: Six DSG men interrogated in Sui assault case.

Feb 7: Michael Jackson trial opens in child molesting case.

Feb 8: Power tariff raised by 2.5 percent- 1000-unit users stay unaffected.

Feb 8: Main rail link to Quetta blown up.

Feb 8: Sindh IGP made interior secretary.

Feb 8: Amnesty granted to militant leader Baitullah Mehsud.

Feb 8: Two journalists killed in Wana.

Feb 9: $640m for Pakistan in US budget.

Feb 9: Unlimited import of sugar allowed.

Feb 9: WB pledges $1bn; urges more attention to poverty.

Feb 10: Dogar made acting CEC.

Feb 10: Saudi men go to polls for municipal elections.

Feb 10: Prince Charles announces his impending marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles.

Feb 11: Benazir, Nawaz calls for fair, free polls.

Feb 12: Common Wealth urges Musharraf to quit one post by 2007.

Feb 13: Charges made in US court against Al Qaeda suspect Paracha.

Feb 14: Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafik-al-Hariri killed.

Feb 16: Optimism as Natwar arrives for talks.

Feb 17: Kashmir bus service to start from April- Travel across LoC by permit- India ready to look at gas project and open Khokhrapar rail link- Agreement on Lahore-Amritsar route.

Feb 17: Democracy linked curbs waived.

Feb 18: Provincial minister Imtiaz Sheikh sacked.

Feb 18: US pressed Pakistan for access to Khan: CIA.

Feb 19: Two suicide bombers killed in Quetta.

Feb 19: Egypt and Jordan announce return of their ambassadors to Israel.

Feb 20: Suspects in attacks on president, PM held.

Feb 22: Registrar of Supreme Court sacked on corruption charges.

Feb 22: A powerful earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale hits Iran.

Feb 24: KSE crosses 8000 mark.

Feb 28: A suicide bomber kills 125 in Iraq.

Feb 28: Lebanon's pro-Syrian Prime Minister Omer Karameh resigns

Mar 1: US accuses Pakistan of rights violations.

Mar 2: Fifteen year-old Shabina wins the right to wear full Islamic dress at School in UK.

Mar 2: India's left parties leaders meet Musharraf.

Mar 3: Sheraton blast case convict arrested.

Mar 3: Khan Network not a Pakistani set-up, says US study.

Mar 4: Meerwala rape: Five accused acquitted.

Mar 5: Wanted militant arrested in Quetta.

Mar 7: JUI-F calls for end to NSC boycott.

Mar 8: Former women MNA Begum Salma Ahmed held in NAB case.

Mar 9: Two bills on honour killing tabled in NA.

Mar 9: 700 Indian fishermen released.

Mar 9: The Egyptian parliament agrees to amend the constitution to allow for Egypt's first multi-candidate elections for president.

Mar 10: Involvement of DSG staff not proved in Shazia rape case, says tribunal report.

Mar 10: LHC for action against ATC judge- Mukhtar Mai case.

Mar 11: Britain hammers controversial anti-terrorism law.

Mar 11: Dr Khan acted on his own: Rashid- Centrifuges supply to Iran.

Mar 12: FSC suspends LHC verdict- Mukhtar Mai case.

Mar 13: Khalil named new NWFP governor- Iftikhar's resignation accepted.

Mar 13: The Chinese National People's Congress approves President Hu Jintao as the official head of the military.

Mar 13: China's parliament passes a contentious anti-secession bill that mandates the use of military force against Taiwan.

Mar 14: Benazir, Shahbaz meet in London.

Mar 15: Syrian intelligence agents move out of their Beirut headquarters.

Mar 15: Doctors Arshad Waheed and his brother sentenced by ATC for their links with Al Qaeda.

Mar 16: Four accused in Mukhtar Mai case released.

Mar 17: Lump sum proposed for housing, transport- Pay & Pension committee recommendations.

Mar 18: Fierce clashes in Dera Bugti-Conflicting reports about casualties.

Mar 18: Dr Amina Wadood becomes the first Muslim woman to lead prayer.

Mar 19: India urges the US to reconsider its decision to revoke the visa of Hindu nationalist Gujrat chief minister Narendra Modi.

Mar 19: Mukhtar Mai case accused arrested.

Mar 19: Sui assault victim Dr Shazia Khalid flies to UK.

Mar 20: 25 killed in blast at Balochistan shrine-Sectarian terror.

Mar 20: Govt officials evacuate Dera Bugti.

Mar 20: Hatf VI missile test fired.

Mar 22: Sharif's packing up to leave Saudi Arabia.

Mar 23: Lists of Kashmir bus passengers exchanged

Mar 23: Musharraf, Karzai reiterate pledge to root out terror- Accord to boost economic, trade ties- Karzai's visit to Pakistan.

Mar 24: External debt goes up to $34.8bn.

Mar 24: Former IGP, 4 others killed in ambush.

Mar 24: The UN Security Council unanimously votes to authorise a 10,000 strong peace-keeping force for southern Sudan.

Mar 25: Angry investors damage bourse property- Free fall of share prices at KSE.

Mar 25: Cabinet approves religion column in passport.

Mar 25: Centrifuge parts may be sent to IAEA: President.

Mar 25: China scraps Gomal Zam dam contract.

Mar 26: US announces sale of F-16s to Pakistan.

Mar 26: Islamabad gets IAEA request for N-parts.

Mar 27: Pakistanis held in Iraq with explosives.

Mar 27: Washington offers New Delhi F-18 aircraft with a license to manufacture them.

Mar 28: A massive 8.7 magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia's Sumatra island killing 1300 people.

Mar 29: Shujaat in Delhi, to meet Kalam & Singh.

Mar 30: Out-of-date pieces of centrifuges being sent to IAEA.

Mar 31: Countrywide strike by oil tankers.

Mar 31: Terri Schiavo, the 41-year-old brain-damaged woman who became the centerpiece of a US right-to-die battle, passes away.

Apr 1: Ballistic missile 'Abdali' Hatf II, test fired.

Apr 1: Four foreigners arrested in Peshawar.

Apr 1: At least 30 people are killed in Rio de Janeiro suburbs by gunmen suspected to be rogue military police officers.

Apr 2: Shia religious scholar Allama Ghulam Hussain Najafi shot dead in Lahore.

Apr 2: Taliban leader surrenders.

Apr 2: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's ruling party wins 78 out of 120 contested seats in parliamentary elections.

Apr 2: Dozens of insurgents mount a sustained attack on Abu Gharaib prison outside Baghdad.

Apr 4: MMA men disrupts women marathon in Gujranwala.

Apr 5: Three new districts carved out of Hyderabad.

Apr 6: New jet JF-17 Thunder aircraft unveiled.

Apr 8: Tearful reunion as Kashmiris cross LoC through bus.

Apr 9: Pakistan to build more N-plants-Ground-breaking of Chashma-2.

Apr 10: Bugti-Sui road to be reopened-Govt decides to withdraw troops under accord.

Apr 10: US indicts Pakistani trader Paracha for Al Qaeda links.

Apr 11: IAEA chief says Al Qaeda tried to acquire N-weapon.

Apr 13: Tony Blair confirms that he would step down as leader of the Labour Party.

Apr 14: Petitions dismissed by Supreme Court: 17th amendment, dual office.

Apr 14: Amitabh Bachchan is appointed UNICEF International Goodwill Ambassador.

Apr 15: India frees 24 Pakistani prisoners.

Apr 15: 25 former militants freed in Muzaffarabad.

Apr 16: Pakistan-India summit today- Musharraf arrives in India.

Apr 17: Asif Zardari taken into custody on arrival to Pakistan.

Apr 17: Tariq Kirmani new PIA chief.

Apr 18: Over 150 fishermen released.

Apr 18: Some 200 people are arrested following ethnic unrest in Iran as Arab-Iranian go on the rampage in the city of Ahvaz.

Apr 21: Woman in veil Sonia Naz sparks security alarm in NA.

Apr 21: Two suspected militants and two Saudi security personnel are killed in a fierce gunfight in Mecca.

Apr 22: Seven convicts escape from Mach jail.

Apr 22: Zacarias Moussaui, the only person charged in the US in connection with the 9/11 attacks, pleads guilty.

Apr 23: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi names a new government.

Apr 23: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas names three news heads for the security forces.

Apr 23: A woman is killed in Afghanistan, reportedly for committing adultery.

Apr 24: Pope Benedict XVI is installed as leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Apr 24: 40 Pakistani Christians held in Saudi Arabia.

Apr 25: Cotton bales worth Rs423m gutted.

Apr 27: The giant double-decker Airbus A380, the world's largest commercial airliner, takes off on its maiden flight.

Apr 28: World Bank suggests three names-Neutral experts on Baglihar.

Apr 29: The bullet-riddled body of leading Tamil journalist and editor Dharamaretnam Sivaram is found in Colombo.

May 1: Japan restores yen loans.

May 3: New package for Balochistan-Committee approves proposals on gas royalty, development.

May 3: Irsa telemetry system goes out of order.

May 4: Cattle import from India allowed.

May 5: Al Qaeda's number three Abu Faraj Al Libbi arrested.

May 5: Special NAB prosecutor Amanullah Khan shot dead.

May 5: Two explosives devices, described as novelty hand grenades, go off outside the building housing the British consulate in Manhattan, New York.

May 5: Britain's Tony Blair survives opposition over the Iraq war to secure a historic third victory with a drastically reduced majority in parliament.

May 6: Absconding suspect arrested with Al Libbi.

May 6: New corps commander for Multan.

May 6: A cartoon depicting Pakistan as a dog dutifully holding al-Qaeda leader Abu Faraj al-Libbi appears in The Washington Times.

May 7: Centrifuge parts to be sent to IAEA: PM.

May 8: Navy orders Rs 78 billion equipment from US.

May 9: The May 9 edition of Newsweek hits the stands with a report that US interrogators at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba had flushed a copy of the Quran down a toilet.

May 10: Egypt's parliament approves a constitutional amendment allowing presidential elections to be contested for the first time.

May 10: Five men of Lashkar-i-Jhangvi arrested in Suparco killing case.

May 12: Pakistan, India agree on new Lahore-Amritsar bus routes.

May 12: Swiss expert picked to end Baglihar row.

May 17: NA adopts PEMRA bill.

May 17: Singer Kylie Minogue is diagnosed with breast cancer.

May 20: A picture of Saddam Hussein wearing underwear is splashed across the front page of The Sun, Britain's biggest selling tabloid.

May 21: DNA test rejected in adultery case- LHC verdict.

May 21: Four held in DG Khan are BSO leaders.

May 22: Trade gap widens by 141.52pc-10-month figures released.

May 22: At least one person dies and dozens are injured when two bombs rips through two cinemas in New Delhi showing a film considered offensive by some Sikhs.

May 23: US copter attack in Waziristan kills five.

May 24: Pakistan invites APHC leaders.

May 24: Market suffers $1.4bn loss: SECP, KSE in a state of tussle.

May 24: Imtiaz quits Sindh PML post.

May 24: PML ministers, MPAs form group-MMA's attitude in Balochistan criticised.

May 25: A judge orders best-selling writer Oriana Fallaci to stand trial in Italy on charges of defaming Islam in a recent book.

May 26: Invitation accepted by APHC- Kashmiri leaders due on June 2, JKLF undecided.

May 27: Centrifuge parts sent to IAEA.

May 27: Siachen talks begin on positive note.

May 27: Industrial sector allowed to produce electricity.

May 28: Suicide blast at Bari Imam shrine; 20 killed.

May 28: Appeals against reinstatement of nazims dismissed.

May 29: Candidates led by the son of slain former premier Rafik al-Hariri win all the seats in the Beirut polls in Lebanon's first parliamentary election in three decades.

May 29: France rejects the EU's constitution in a referendum.

May 30: Govt's tribal ally gunned down in Waziristan.

May 30: Wapda gets Rs27bn subsidy.

May 31: Five killed in attack on Karachi's shia mosque Madinat-ul-Ilm.

May 31: BJP chief Advani arrives.

May 31: JI naib amir Aslam Mujahid kidnapped, shot dead.

Jun 1: US given custody of Al Qaeda leader Abu Faraj-al-Libbi.

Jun 1: Six bodies found in KFC restaurant torched by mob.

Jun 1: Rs 16.3bn released for Gwadar port project.

Jun 3: Bank scam accused Supreme Court Registrar Budha Khan arrested.

Jun 3: APHC leaders arrive in AJK.

Jun 5: GDP achieves 8.4pc growth-Trade deficit and inflation cast shadow on economy- Foreign investment grows-Per capita income increases- Economic Survey.

Jun 6: Administrators to replace Nazims.

Jun 7: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reports that US spending on the 'war on terror pushed global military expenditure above on trillion dollars in 2004.

Jun 7: Budget 2005-06 announced.

Jun 9: Four Pakistanis held in US for running Al Qaeda cell.

Jun 9: A man files a 75,000 dollar lawsuit in a Texas federal court against Pfizer, claiming he suffered blindness after taking its best-selling impotence drug Viagra.

Jun 11: Mukhtaran Mai on ECL.

Jun 11: Twenty-two year old Prince William of England achieves an upper second class honours in his geography MA degree from Scotland's St Andrews University.

Jun 11: The world's wealthiest countries agree to write off more than 40 billion dollars of African debt.

Jun 12: Kuwait names its first woman cabinet minister Massouma-al-Mubarak.

Jun 13: Michael Jackson walks out of court a free man after being cleared of all charges in a dramatic sex-abuse trial.

Jun 16: Donald Tsang is declared HongKong's new leader.

Jun 17: European Union (EU) budget talks break down leading to a 'deep crisis' after leaders fail to resolve a bitter dispute between Britain and France over the bloc's long-term finances.

Jun 17: US invites Mukhtaran Mai.

Jun 18: Al-Jazeera airs new Al Zawahiri's tape

Jun 19: UAE firm Etisalat wins 26pc stake in PTCL.

Jun 19: Saudi group Kanooz-al-watan no more in run for KESC.

Jun 19: Opponents of Myanmar's military junta mark the sixtieth birthday of detained democracy icon and Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Jun 19: A Lebanese anti-Syrian alliance wins a majority in the first parliamentary elections in three decades without Syrian troops.

Jun 20: Five suspects killed in Karachi encounter.

Jun 20: Dr A.Q.Khan underwent angioplasty.

Jun 25: Ultra-conservative 49-year old mayor of Tehran Mahmoud Ahmedinejad wins a landslide victory in Iran's presidential polls.

Jun 27: Rockets hit Balochistan CM's house in Kalat.

Jun 28: Pakistan frees 17 ex-guantanamo inmates.

Jun 28: Oil prices rise as a barrel reach to a new record of almost 61 dollar.

Jun 29: MMA leadership approves draft of Hasba bill.

Jun 29: The US and India ink a 10-year defence agreement regarding joint weapons and cooperation on missile defence to help India become a 'major world power'.

Jun 29: An international group nominates Bilquis Edhi, Asma Jehangir, Anis Haroon, Madeeha Gauhar, Sheema Kirmani, Dr Salma Maqbool, Kishwar Naheed, Majida Rizvi, Zari Sarfaraz and Nafisa Shah as part of 1,000 women from 150 countries for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005.

Jun 30: ADB approves $1.2bn for Pakistan: official.

Jul 1: New CJ Iftikhan Chaudhary takes oath.

Jul 2: More than one million people gather in cities across the world for Live 8, the biggest music concert ever held to pressure rich nations to do more for the poor.

Jul 5: Project launched with China to build frigates.

Jul 6: The US military announces that it has signed on Halliburton to do nearly five billion dollars worth of work in Iraq under a giant logistics contract that has so far earned the Texas-based firm 9.1 billion dollars.

Jul 7: Four blasts tear through packed London underground trains and a bus, killing at least 55 people and injuring some 700 others in the capital's deadliest peacetime attack.

Jul 7: JWP Senator Amanullah Kanrani resigns.

Jul 11: Thousands of families bury the skeletal remains of Srebrenica victims at he 10th anniversary of the massacre in what is seen as Europe's worst atrocity in 50 years.

Jul 12: Hasba bill tabled amid uproar in NWFP assembly.

Jul 12: Navy get new Chief of Staff.

Jul 13: Thirty-two Iraqi youngsters, most of them under 15 years of age are killed when a suicide car bomber drives up near US soldiers as they hand out chocolates.

Jul 14: 3 children die in Jhal Magsi explosion.

Jul 15: NWFP PA passes Hasba bill.

Jul 16: 24 militants killed in Waziristan.

Jul 16: Army, FBI launch probe in tribal area.

Jul 16: Reference against Hasba bill moved.

Jul 18: 17 foreign militants killed in gunbattle- Operation in N.Waziristan.

Jul 19: Taliban leader Maulvi Abdul Kabir held in Peshawar.

Jul 19: Philippine President Gloria Arroyo announces the formation of a truth commission to investigate the charges of vote rigging made against her.

Jul 20: Over 100 held in crackdown on extremists.

Jul 21: Hunt intensified; 200 held-Prominent SSP leader arrested in Khairpur.

Jul 22: Export target set at $17bn- Trade policy announced.

Jul 23: Pro-govt tribal chief shot dead in N. Waziristan.

Jul 23: Eighty-eight people are killed and over 200 injured after three bombs rip through the tourist districts of the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt.

Jul 24: Sir Richard Doll, the scientist who first confirmed the link between smoking and lung cancer, dies at 92.

Jul 24: Seventh NFC constituted.

Jul 25: Experts from Pakistan visit Baglihar.

Jul 26: An anti-corruption panel in Nepal sentences ousted prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to two years in jail after convicting him of embezzlement.

Jul 27: Nawab Marri, sons acquitted in murder case.

Jul 28: India's opposition leader L.K.Advani appears in court and is charged with inciting Hindus to attack a mosque in the town of Ayodhya in 1992.

Jul 29: Thousands of Rwandan prisoners begin streaming out of jail following a government decision to free 36,000 inmates, the majority of whom have confessed to taking part in the country's 1994 genocide.

Jul 31: US allows shipment of F-16s to Pakistan

Aug 1: Saudi Arabia's King Fahd dies.

Aug 2: Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman detained in Dubai, sent back.

Aug 5: Five killed as bomb hits army vehicle in N. Waziristan.

Aug 7: Accord on nuke hotline, missile tests with India.

Aug 11: Landmine in Wana kills tribal elder, three others.

Aug 11: Japan pledges $440m soft loans.

Aug 12: Sri Lanka's foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, 73 assassinated.

Aug 13: State Bank issues Rs 20 note.

Aug 14: Pakistan test-fires Babur missile.

Aug 15: The Indonesian government and Aceh separatist rebels sign a historic peace accord aimed at ending decades of bloodshed in the region

Aug 16: Pop star Madonna falls from her horse and breaks several bones while riding in her country estate.

Aug 17: President issues Madressah Registration Ordinance.

Aug 17: Over 350 small bombs go off simultaneously in Bangladesh at different places.

Aug 18: 53 districts go to LB polls today- Sanad holders stay in contest.

Aug 18: Militants camp in seminary found in N. Waziristan- Foreigner among seven held.

Aug 20: PML, allies claim victory in Sindh- Mixed trend in Punjab, Balochistan- opposition alleges massive fraud.


Aug 21: Army man hanged for murderous attempt on Musharraf..

Aug 23: Additional $50m for Gwadar port project.

Aug 23: Rocket rocks Kohlu after arrival of CM.

Aug 23: Israeli forces complete the Gaza Strip pull-out according to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan.

Aug 24: Karachi-Faisalabad motorway plan approved.

Aug 24: Saudi group to set up $200m steel mill.

Aug 25: Registration of seminaries begins.

Aug 25: Dr A.Q. Khan provided centrifuges to N. Korea.

Aug 26: Violence mars 2nd round of LB polls- Death toll put at between 19 and 29- Large-scale rigging alleged.

Aug 27: PML, allies take lead- MMA loses ground; Sindh setback for PPP in second round of local polls.

Aug 27: Diplomats allowed to meet convicted Indian spy Sarbajit Singh.

Aug 27: Over 3,100 candidates elected unopposed in LB polls.

Aug 28: In a move that is slated to be a blow to the US, Iraq's Sunni leaders reject the Iraqi constitution prepared by a team of negotiators representing the minority.

Aug 29: Blast kills two soldiers in N. Waziristan.

Aug 30: Detailed SC verdict on Sanad issued.

Aug 30: Hundreds of people are killed as Hurricane Katrina lashes the US Gulf coast.

Aug 30: The price of oil reaches new high near 71 dollars per barrel.

Aug 31: More than 950 Iraqi Shias die in a stampede over a Baghdad bridge provoked by rumours of suicide bomber among a crowd of pilgrims.

Aug 31: Pakistan, India agree to free prisoners- FIA, CBI to cooperate.

Sep 1: US offers frigates; eight Orion aircraft received.

Sep 2: First official talks held with Israel- Stand on Palestine unchanged: Kasuri.

Sep 2: Police officers are given shoot-to-kill orders in New Orleans after rampant looting in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Sep 5: 350 fighter planes takes part in PAF's largest ever exercise.

Sep 5: Over 140 people are killed in airliner crash in Indonesia.

Sep 5: Ultra-conservative Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad appoints Fatemah Javadi as one of nine vice presidents.

Sep 7: Defence spending exceeded budget by Rs17bn.

Sep 7: Hosni Mubarak wins a fifth six-year term in the Egyptian presidential elections with a whopping 88 per cent of ballots cast in his favour.

Sep 8: The New York Times reports that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died of a stroke rather than of AIDS or poison as earlier believed.

Sep 8: Pakistan ranks 135th in human development.

Sep 9: Alleged bomber of Sheraton blast case Mufti Mohammad Sabir alias Jamalpuri held.

Sep 11: Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's Liberal Democratic Party wins a landslide victory in parliamentary elections.

Sep 12: After 38 years of occupation, Israel completes its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Sep 12: The Disney Corporation inaugurates its first theme park in Asia in Hong Kong.

Sep 13: Freed Indian, Pakistani prisoners cross Wagah.

Sep 14: Over 140 people are killed in three different incidents in Iraq.

Sep 15: Musharraf, Sharon meet in corridor at UN General Assembly.

Sep 19: Pakistan buys four planes from Indonesia.

Sep 20: SP suspended in Sonia Naz case.

Sep 20: Benazir appear before Swiss court.

Sep 23: Bomb blasts in Lahore kills six, hurt scores.

Sep 24: Admiral Tahir named as naval chief.

Sep 24: The IAEA passes a resolution allowing it to refer Iran to the UN Security Council for its uranium enrichment programme.

Sep 25: Body formed for superior judges accountability.

Sep 25: Electronic filing of IT returns launched.

Sep 25: Two held in Pindi for links with Al Qaeda.

Sep 26: Private Lynndie England is found guilty on six out of seven counts of maltreating prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and is sentenced to three years in prison.

Sep 29: Accord reached on new bus route with India- Lahore-Amritsar bus service.

Sep 29: 'Most wanted terrorist' Asif Choto arrested.

Sep 30: Majeed Malik allowed to contest poll.

Oct 1: Major, 7 soldiers killed in North Waziristan.

Oct 1: Three bomb blasts rip through the Indonesian resort island of Bali, killing more than 26 people and wounding 122 others.

Oct 3: India successfully test fires 700km range surface-to-air missile Akash in Orissa.

Oct 4: Pakistan, India sign two deals- Missile testing, coastal information.

Oct 5: Four PAF employees awarded death sentence for attempted murder bid on president Musharraf.

Oct 5: Spokesman for Taliban Mullah Abdul Latif Hakimi held in Balochistan.

Oct 7: PML, allies bag nazim seats in most districts- PPP suffers setback in Sindh.- Third phase of LB polls.

Oct 7: Sikhs, Hindus make historic trip to AJK.

Oct 7: The 2005 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Mohammad El Baradei of IAEA.

Oct 8: Qadiani's place of worship attacked; 8 killed.

Oct 9: Devastating quake kills thousands in AJK and NWFP.

Oct 10: Earthquake disaster magnitude stuns nation- Tentative death toll at 20,000.

Oct 11: Irish writer John Banville wins the Man Booker Prize 2005, one of the literary world's most prestigious awards.

Oct 12: UN seeks $272m for relief work for the earthquake victims in Pakistan.

Oct 13: Police register Sonia's FIR against SP, inspector.

Oct 14: Six die in Gilgit sectarian violence.

Oct 14: Daniel Craig is cast as James Bond in the upcoming Casino Royale, replacing Pierce Brosnan to become the first blonde Bond.

Oct 14: Russian special forces crush a raid by militants in Nalchik, the capital of the Kabardino-Balkria province.

Oct 15: 'Earthquake', UN official warns of 'disaster within disaster'- Organised relief stressed- Billions of dollars needed for rehabilitation.

Oct 15: 'Earthquake', UN upgrades flash appeal to $312m.

Oct 15: Death toll in Gilgit violence soars to 12.

Oct 16: India allows helicopter access to no-fly zone.

Oct 17: Six troops killed in chopper crash.

Oct 18: India rejects request for choppers without pilots.

Oct 18: 43 trans-Kashmir bus passengers missing.

Oct 19: Pakistan ready to open LoC for Kashmiris- India accepts Musharraf's offer- Both sides allow cellphone service.

Oct 19: 21 MNA's, 71 MPA's suspended.

Oct 19: Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussain goes on trial for the murder of 148 Shia men in Dujali in 1982.

Oct 20: 'Earthquake' Kofi Annan appeals for urgent help.

Oct 20: Kashmiris make first direct call.

Oct 21: UN asks Nato to launch massive airlift- Emergency worsening by the day: official- 'Earthquake'.


Oct 21: The United Nations probe into the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik al-Hariri implicates both Syrian and Lebanese figures.

Oct 21: Hurricane Wilma, a category four storm, strikes the Gulf of Mexico with winds of up to 225 kilometres per hour.

Oct 22: Musharraf says foreign aid 'inadequate'- $5bn needed for reconstruction- 'Earthquake'.

Oct 22: Annan seeks additional funds for quake victims.

Oct 24: OIC, IDB offer full support- $251 million pledged- Earthquake.

Oct 24: Sindh MPA's husband shot dead on highway.

Oct 24: Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks dies at the age of 92.

Oct 25: The result of the referendum on a new constitution for Iraq is declared after a 10-day audit.

Oct 25: The number of US soldiers killed in the Iraq war hits 2000 mark.

Oct 26: Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad causes an uproar among the international community by calling for Israel to be 'wiped off the map'.

Oct 27: Geneva donors pledge $580m- Emergency cash termed short of goals- Earthquake.

Oct 28: Delhi offers $25 million for quake victims.

Oct 28: Lewis Libby, US Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, is indicted on five criminal counts.

Oct 28: More than 2000 firms are implicated in the Iraq oil-for-food programme scandal by a United Nations inquiry commission.

Oct 29: Three bombs detonate in New Delhi the capital of India, killing at least 61 people and injuring 188 others.

Oct 30: Pakistan, India agree to open five LoC points.

Oct 30: $2.6bn PTCL deal collapses.

Nov 1: Tribunal set up to settle NWFP-Wapda hydel-profit row.

Nov 1: Pakistani gets death for Delhi fort attack.

Nov 1: Pakistan receives first of six C-130s from US.

Nov 2: 40 Pakistanis remain in Guantanamo: report.

Nov 2: United States Secretary for Defence Donald Rumsfeld rejects a request by UN human rights investigators to meet Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Nov 2: Iran allows UN nuclear inspectors to visit a military complex at Parchen, where the US believes experiments with explosives used in atomic weapons may have been conducted.

Nov 3: Quake toll exceeds 73,000- Relief chief allays fears of large-scale deaths.

Nov 3: Govt allows Nawaz to visit London- Treatment of ailing Hasan Nawaz.

Nov 4: Mukhtaran receives award in US.

Nov 4: Nadia Anjuman, a popular female poet from Heart, Afghanistan, dies after being severely beaten by her husband.

Nov 5: An Australian judge dismisses appeals from three brothers of Pakistani descent convicted of raping two teenage girls in Sydney in July 2002.

Nov 7: 8 foreigners killed in Waziristan blast.

Nov 7: F-16 purchase put off, says Musharraf.

Nov 8: Crowd trouble mars historic LoC opening.

Nov 8: Quake toll climbs to 88,000 report.

Nov 8: Three 'terrorists' die in blast in Quetta.

Nov 9: Azahiri Hussain, one of south-east Asia's most wanted militants, is killed during a gun battle in the East Java province of Indonesia.

Nov 9: At least 51 people are killed and 130 others injured when three hotels are bombed in Jordan.

Nov 10: Chakothi point on LoC opens.

Nov 10: Passports issued to Sharif family.

Nov 13: Third LoC point opens for relief- Kashmiris await permission.

Nov 14: US Congress approves $698m for Pakistan.

Nov 15: Kishanganga dam talks fail; issue may be taken to WB.

Nov 15: Fourth Kashmir crossing opens.

Nov 15: The first trial hearing of David Hicks, a 'war on terror' detainee at Guantanamo Bay accused of belonging to the Taliban militia, is postponed.

Nov 16: The United States admits to using white phosphorous as an incendiary weapon in Fallujah.

Nov 16: Car bomb kills three at PIDC building in Karachi.

Nov 17: Five 'BLA men' held for Karachi blast.

Nov 17: Fifth point along LoC opened.

Nov 18: Stranded Kashmiris cross LoC from Pakistan.

Nov 18: US approaches ex-MNA to act as go-between them and Taliban.

Nov 19: 25 Pakistanis released by India.

Nov 19: Sri Lanka's fifth president Mahinda Rajapakse is sworn in after securing 50.29 per cent of the vote.

Nov 20: More than 60 family members of Iraq's most-wanted al-Qaeda man Abu Musab al-Zarqawi publish letters in four Jordanian newspapers publicly disowning him.

Nov 20: 24 Kashmiris make historic LoC crossing on foot from India.

Nov 21: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon quits Likud party.

Nov 21: Jalal Talabani arrives in Iran, becoming the first Iraqi president to visit the country since the late 1960s.

Nov 22: Angela Merkel becomes Germany's youngest and first female post-war chancellor.

Nov 22: Japan announces that it will have a military nearly six decades after the US stripped the nation of the right to maintain armed forces.

Nov 22: Compensation increased from Rs 20bn to Rs 80bn- Rs 175,000 for every affected house in AJK, NWFP.

Nov 23: Senate approves new contempt of court bill.

Nov 23: The British Home Office threatens to prosecute the press under the Officials Secrets Act for publishing documents allegedly revealing George Bush's intention to bomb the headquarters of al-jazeera.

Nov 23: Water supply to Harbin, one of China's largest cities inhabited by nearly nine million people, in cut off.

Nov 24: Pat Morita, the Japanese-American actor who gained fame for his role as the sensei in Karate Kid dies at the age of 73.

Nov 24: For the first time in history, government decides to evacuate people due to climate change in Papua New Guinea.

Nov 25: Pakistani Umair Paracha convicted of terror charges in US.

Nov 25: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visits quake hit areas.

Nov 25: Syria agrees to allow UN investigator Detlev Mehlis to interrogate five officials, in connection with the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik al-Hariri.

Nov 25: The Rafah border crossing between Palestine and Egypt is formally opened.

Nov 26: Brian Lara creates a new record for scoring the highest number of runs in Test matches.

Nov 26: Women contest polls for the first time in the ultra-conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Nov 26: A shallow earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter Scale hits the tourist area of Jiujiang, China, killing at least 14 people.


Nov 27: Swiss court files slander case against Benazir.

Nov 27: Myanmar's military junta extends the detention period of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Nov 28: K.S. Sudarshan, who heads the Hindu nationalist party Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh, sparks an outcry amongst women and Muslims by calling for Hindus to have more children to avoid being outnumbered by Muslims.

Nov 28: Musharraf given two years by Common Wealth to decide on uniform issue.

Nov 30: Hundreds of pneumonia cases reported in quake-hit areas of AJK.

Nov 30: Hasan Associates takes over control of KESC.

Nov 30: Gorbachev confers Tolerance award on Benazir.

Nov 30: 43,300 died, 3 million displaced in AJK: report.

Nov 30: French doctors perform the world's first partial face transplant.

Dec 1: Court acquits Benazir in PIA case.

Dec 1: Hizb-ul-Mujahideen placed on EU 'terror list'.

Dec 2: Budget deficit exceeds Rs37bn- Domestic borrowing rises.

Dec 2: 3 foreigners among 5 killed in Miranshah.

Dec 3: Senior Al Qaeda commander Rabia killed.

Dec 4: Dr Shamshad named first SBP woman governor.

Dec 4: Iran okays uranium enrichment bill.

Dec 6: Journalist kidnapped in North Waziristan.

Dec 7: Natwar Singh quits cabinet.

Dec 7: CM empowered to scrap, suspend nazim's order- Sindh Local Government Ordinance amended.

Dec 7: 116 killed in Iranian military plane crash.

Dec 8: Five BLA suspects arrested from Lahore.

Dec 8: N. Waziristan 'Taliban' kill gangsters.

Dec 8: Saddam refuses to attend trial.

Dec 8: Al-Qaeda calls for attacks on oil targets in Muslim states.

Dec 9: 12 killed in Tank Bazaar explosion.

Dec 10: Waziristan 'Taliban' kill two 'extortionists'.

Dec 10: 24m euros EC grant accord signed.

Dec 11: 103 die in Nigerian airliner crash.

Dec 11: Tendulkar sets Test centuries record.

Dec 12: Accord on ferry service finalised between India and Pakistan.

Dec 12: Inaugural bus from Amritsar reaches Lahore.

Dec 12: Big oil depot near London rocked by blasts.

Dec 12: S. Arabia formally joins WTO.

Dec 13: AJK woman found alive 63 days after the quake.

Dec 13: Turmoil as Indian TV shows MPs taking bribe.

Dec 14: Extortionist executed by local Taliban in Waziristan.

Dec 15: Rockets fired during president's Kohlu visit.

Dec 15: ECNEC approves Rs183.6bn projects.

Dec 15: Gujrat riots: 11 jailed, 18 acquitted.

Dec 15: Top militant arrested in Bangladesh.

Dec 16: FC chief, deputy injured in firing in Kohlu.

Dec 16: Self-styled 'Mehdi force' clashes with police: 30 held.

Dec 16: Huge voter turnout in landmark Iraq polls.

Dec 16: ADB approves $1.33bn quake aid package.

Dec 16: Afghan parliament meets after 30 years.

Dec 17: SC made IGP's responsible to prevent Vani, Swara.

Dec 17: WB okays $400m relief credit.

Dec 17: New Delhi approves fourth bus link with Pakistan.

Dec 17: Indian parliament evacuated after bomb threat.

Dec 17: Dutch businessman and friend of Dr A Q Khan jailed for nuclear exports.

Dec 18: US to sell 115 howitzers to Pakistan.

Dec 18: US house blocks renewal of Patriot Act.

Dec 18: US adopts tougher bill on immigration.

Dec 19: Troops move against Marri's in Kohlu.

Dec 19: Farm subsidies to end by 2013- Interim deal reached in WTO talks.

Dec 20: PML leadership backs Kalabagh.

Dec 20: Paramilitary action in Kohlu- Over 50 killed, says tribesmen.

Dec 20: 7 vehicles set on fire in Karachi.

Dec 20: Members of Afghan parliament sworn in.

Dec 21: US vice president Dick Cheney visits Pakistan.

Dec 21: Parts of Sibi-Harnai track blown up.

Dec 21: Deal reached with Etisalat on PTCL.

Dec 21: Interior Sindh hit by anti-Kalabagh dam strike.

Dec 22: Saddam accuses US troops of torturing him in custody.

Dec 22: Domestic gas tariff raised by 15.87pc.

Dec 22: Rumsfeld visits quake hit areas in Pakistan.

Dec 23: Iraqi opposition rejects election results.

Dec 23: Skardu-Katzarah dam best option: A G N Abbasi report.

DEC 23: Militants clash with extortionists seven killed in Waziristan.

Dec 23: Pir Pagara supports Kalabagh dam.

Dec 24: India sacks 11 MPs in bribery scam.

Dec 24: Over 9,000 missing in quake areas: FRC.

Dec 24: US announces Iraq troop reductions.

Dec 24: LTTE attack on navy bus kills 13.

Dec 25: US monitors Muslim sites for N-radiation- Officials confirm reports.

Dec 25: Compromise averts UN financial crisis- UN budget approved.

Dec 25: 23 die in Azerbaijan plane crash.

Dec 25: Many dead as Bugtis clash with troops.

Dec 25: New gas discovery in Balochistan.

Dec 27: Provincial election officers appointed.

Dec 27: Six camps destroyed in Kohlu.

Dec 28: Militants kill five Saudi policemen.

Dec 28: Six Al Qaeda men awarded death penalty in Kuwait.

Dec 28: Strike observed in Balochistan against military operation in Kohlu and Dera Bugti.

Dec 28: Two Ferrari camps overrun in Kohlu; gas pipeline blown up.

Dec 29: Technical Committee's Reports on water reservoirs formally released.

Dec 29: Naib Nazims elected- Polls in some areas stayed.

Dec 29: $305m funding for quake relief received so far.

Dec 30: Avalanche kills 24 miners in Kohistan

Dec 30: Musharraf sees foreign involvement in Balochistan


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