GEO Sports

An integral segment of any GEO News bulletin

Validated need to include sports in news bulletins
Hard-hitting, current insights into happenings surrounding the world of sports
Sports journalists doing what they do best
September 2002 onwards
GEO Cricket

Specialised segment dedicated to the intricate workings of cricket

Discussions and interviews with the who's who of cricket
If it happens in cricket, it's on GEO Cricket
September 2002 onwards
Match Box

A perennial weekend favourite of GEO audiences

Sports-news show filled with mainly local as well as international sports
Exclusive interviews and distinctive locations set it apart from other offerings
December 2003 onwards
Dhamaka Series-2003

First-ever cricket series featuring Pakistan aired on a private TV channel

Against all challenges, concluded an international calibre series of successful transmissions
Set the bar in production standards for cricket in Pakistan
November-December, 2003
World Cup Polo 2003

Another GEO first - the sport of kings on live TV in Pakistan

Heralded as a great success, GEO's coverage re-invigorated stemming participation and interest in the game
India-Pakistan matches sparked viewer intrigue, causing huge drive to witness the sporting spectacle
December 2003
GEO Hockey

Cultivating a resurgence in the popularity of our national game

Insights from the nation's greats - past and present
Coverage combined with incisive journalistic instinct make this a must-watch for aficionado and newbie alike
Mid-2004 onwards

A GEO first setting a precedent to promote local sports on mass media

Great audience feedback led to rave reviews of the complete coverage and comprehensive analysis
March 29-April 7, 2004
Run Lahore Run Marathons

Jan 30, 2005 was a catalyst of change-the first mixed marathon in Pakistan, also the first live airing

International and local heroes provided great feedback and analyses
Promotion of event led to exponential rise in sponsors/partners
2006 saw equal success in the face of extremist threats-2007 awaits
Jan 30, 2005; Jan 29, 2006
Line of Cricket

The definitive cricket analysis programme-a brand in itself

Insights from the game's best
Pre-match, lunch break, post-match, and overall analyses make this series of live programming during matches one of the most watched programmes on offer
Used extensively in multiple series
March 2005 onwards
A1 Grand Prix

The powers-that-be decide to challenge the F1 circuit harnessing national rivalry through A1-Team. GEO was there every step of the way for Team Pakistan

Launch show aired on GEO with patron-in-chief, President Musharraf in attendance
Car performance exhibition shown exclusive and live on GEO direct from Main Boulevard, Lahore
April 2005 onwards

A daily sports news show

Knowledgeable hosts and pertinent guests to match
An unparalleled look at the world of sport from the eyes of our elite sports reporters
Fresh format and quick pace make this hard to ignore
November 2005 onwards
GEO Boxing

The sentimental favorite for GEO Sports covering modern-day gladiators

Complements GEO s unprecedented effort to create an independent league to promote the sport
Unmatched access
January 2006 onwards
World Squash Championship

Again at the forefront of sports coverage, GEO aired each breath-taking shot live from Islamabad

Comprehensive coverage of matches, player interviews, and expert analyses, done the way only GEO can
December 8-14, 2005

First of its kind autonomous sports league

Part of GEO's mission to promote under-promoted/suffering sports
Second-most viewed programme in its time in the nation, tremendous sponsor participation
First-time presentation of Indian and Pakistani, and Iranian and US boxers facing off, this time inside the ring!
January 6-September 22, 2006
January 2007- new season!
Indian Cricket Rights

Confidence in the newly founded friendship with India prompted a long-term rights purchase of Indian cricket

The first series was England's visit to India that proved to be a nail-biter and another formidable notch in the GEO Sport belt
2007 promises more thrills with Pakistan's tour of India
February 2006 onwards
GEO Football

With the recently concluded World Cup, and deal to create a league with the PFF, this has become a viewing centre-piece for the quintessential sports fan

Unique, forceful views on the state and news of the beautiful game
May 2006 onwards

Football fans have a voracious appetite, especially for the World Cup - made them kick the habit of going anywhere else

Fresh insights from celebrity guests with views of host
Match-to-match team, matchup, and performance analyses
Match-to-match team, matchup, and performance analyses
June 9 -July 9, 2006
Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey 06

Quickly recognised as an elite tournament in the game, GEO showed this property off in a widely acclaimed manner

Seamless transitions from in-studio Urdu expert comments to live commentary
Elite panel of experts never before assembled or matched since
June 18-25, 2006
Free Hit

Following Kickoff, for the Hockey World Cup, Free Hit brought a fresh take on hockey

Guests with valuable insights and analysis of present state of game
Pre-and post-analysis of matches proved invaluable to enhancing program quality and content
September 5-18, 2006DLF Cup (Malaysia Tri-Series)
DLF Cup (Malaysia Tri-Series

Last major tournament preceding the ICC Champions Trophy

Featured Australia, India, and the West Indies cricket teams
International panel of experts
September 7-24, 2006
GEO Super

The network that brought Pakistan's first news-based private channel now brings you Pakistan's first channel dedicated to sports

Promising to be a great addition to the current portfolio of channels in the GEO TV Network, GEO Super is presenting the ICC Champions Trophy 2006 and will also air the Cricket World Cup 2007
Test transmission Sep 30, 2006
Formal launch: Oct 7, 2006
Seven-Day Test

Treading the road never taken, GEO Super launched with a week-long extravaganza hosted by the legendary Waseem Akram, featuring such heroes as Imran Khan, Zaheer Abbas, Samiullah, and even Reema Khan

Callers could talk to stars and get a candid view at their great lives and accomplishments
September 30-October 6, 2006
GEO Super

Boasting eminently strong properties such as the current ICC Champions Trophy 2006, and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, GEO Super aims to change the way sport is viewed

Future properties and content are currently being developed for the benefit of our most knowledgeable and discerning sports audiences
Test transmission Sep 30, 2006
Formal launch: Oct 7, 2006
GEO Super - Carpe Diem!
Dedicated to building the nation, one sport at a time.

With the tides turning, and the day of sport dawning in Pakistan, from the majestic mountains, through the fertile plains, radiating all the way through the deserts and into the great Indian Ocean, GEO SUPER is here to serve the nation in building and nurturing sport!

Jeet Kay GEO