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Pakistan Day

Time to make a difference


By Zeeshan Muzaffar

The cool breeze blew my hair on the eve of Pakistan Day, as I saw a shooting star fade into oblivion. So many of them fade away unnoticed. These stars are pretty much like people that light up our world and fade into oblivion. I saw people busy with the usual Pakistan Day celebrations and wondered how many of us think about the freedom fighters that were responsible for getting us our independence. There were millions of them who gave so much away to get freedom and a separate, independent homeland.

What was their motivation? Why did they not choose to live a quiet life busy with their everyday and family matters just like us? The answer is simple: it was their passion for freedom and to live a life free from slavery. This passion drove them to such an extent that thousands of them sacrificed their lives for the sake of the future generations. For us.

Slavery, today, has changed its form. It comes in the form of political system around us, the prevailing judicial system, the influence of foreign powers and all the associated results of these factors. These results include inflation, electricity crisis, law and order situation, high unemployment levels and many other things. We are slaves to all these things whether we admit it or not.

The worst thing about it all is that we do not do anything to change the situation. We are waiting for someone else to do it for us. And while we do that, we are just going on with our lives cursing the stars, the rulers etc. for making our lives so miserable.

It is the passion and the desire to make a difference that we lack. Our ancestors had that passion. Though the situation was more difficult then, they struggled and succeeded in giving us a free homeland.

Take a look across the border and consider the situation in the occupied Kashmir. That is the situation you and I could have been in, had we not got our freedom. Consider the resolve of all the freedom fighters and the families living in the occupied area. Why don't they move to any other place in that country and live a relatively peaceful life? They do not do it because they still have the passion of all the freedom activists of the pre-partition era.

It is not that we have to long march on roads, carry out protests or processions or start a civil war to deal with the situation in our country. At individual level, we can do a lot. We can all raise awareness and instil the belief in people that they have the power to make a difference. But for that, we have to have that belief and passion in ourselves first. That is what we can all do to begin with and then we can take it from there.

We do not have to wait for or even need a leader to do it for us. We can all be leaders if we believe and raise our voice against this slavery of the political and judicial system and influence of foreign powers. We can succeed just like the freedom fighters of the pre-partition era. Now the choice to live the life of freedom or that of slavery is entirely ours. Let us make the right choice for our sake, and for the future generations of Pakistan.


Poets' Corner

A Dialogue on Knowledge

Mureed-e Hindi

Chashm-e beena se hai jaari juay khoon

Ilm-e haazir se hai Deen zaar-o zaboon


The Indian Disciple

Discerning eyes bleed in pain,

For faith is ruined by knowledge in this age.


Peer-e Rumi

Ilm ra bar tan zani maaray bawad

Ilm ra bar dil zani yaaray bawad



Fling it on the body, and knowledge becomes a serpent;

Fling it on the heart, and it becomes a friend.


Excerpted from Iqbal's Peer-o Mureed in Baal-e Jibreel. English translation by Naeem Siddiqui



By Ayesha Anwer


From the streams of memories

Hobbles the most unforgettable -

The sunny afternoon,

On the shimmering roads

Leading to my home

When I sat in my window

To paint on the canvas

The raw trunk of my old maple

Patterns of this intricate life...


Lab of Labyrinth

By Ali Akhtar Butt


Cook the flavour of ice,

Melting down the swallowing road,

Turn round and round, here you go, journey fulfilled


A land of wonder, joyous break,

Experience the unknown so true and blue,

Full colours in shine spread around the boundaries,


Oh! The discovered is the one, who knows the Alchemist truth,

Seek the moments of life, once said before,

Here you go, now and never let your journey flow,

A call to Lab of Labyrinth is always on.


Love, She and I...

By Nauman Umair



An infidel feeling,

That I have known,

That I have come along,

For reasons unknown.



Her enticing eyes,

That comely smile,

That stayed for a while,

For reasons unknown.



Beau of beauty,

Felt disparate,

And desperate,

For reasons unknown.


A Ballad of Suicide

By Sharjeel (SB)


The gallows in my garden, people say,

Are new and neat and adequately tall;

I tie the noose on in a knowing way

As one that knots his necktie for a ball;

But just as all the neighbours on the wall

Are drawing a long breath to shout "Hurray!"

The strangest whim has seized me; After all

I think I will not hang myself today.


Tomorrow is the time I get my pay

My uncle's sword is hanging in the hall

I see a little cloud all pink and grey

Perhaps the rector's mother will not call

I fancy that I heard from Mr. Gall

That mushrooms could be cooked another way

I never read the works of Juvenal

I think I will not hang myself today.


The world will have another washing-day;

The decadents decay; the pedants pall;

And H.G. Wells has found that children play,

And Bernard Shaw discovered that they squall;

Rationalists are growing rational

And through thick woods one finds a stream astray,

So secret that the very sky seems small

I think I will not hang myself today.



By Raza Jamal


Peace, what a word to define

That all nice things get fit and fine


But how difficult it is to find

Together are few who sit and dine


Travelling from country to country

In search of peace, but nowhere it's seen


I sat down and thought and thought and thought

And was surprised with the idea I got


Peace is the reflection of love and care

And can be seen in this world everywhere


Be content and thankful to God

Who has created the universe for us all


Peace is the reflection of love and care

And can be seen in this world so close and near


Compiled by N.A.


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